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Research Support Services

At SGS, we offer you unrivaled agricultural laboratory experience and expertise, the latest technologies, and a unique global network. To develop, register and sell your agricultural inputs, such as pesticides, seeds or fertilizers, you need a range of expert resources at your disposal. As a result, we can offer you innovative and customized solutions that help you bring your products to market and maintain confidence.

Dust Off Dust Off measurements of treated seed builds data points to create product confidence.

Seed Safety Replicated seed germination and vigor trials supports the study of multi phase speed of growth for new formulations.

Storage Trials at Varied Environmental Conditions Our temperature regulated chambers create a breadth of long term storage conditions to evaluate product longevity.

Soil Weed Seed Analysis Knowledge of weed composition is necessary to avoid weed spread when transferring soil, topsoil or compost

1) Dust Off Services
Single sample
Project sample size
2) Seed Safety Services
Custom Germination replicated
Custom Vigor replicated
3) Storage Trials at Varied Environmental Conditions
Standard Temperature
Chamber Regulate
4) Soil Weed Seed Analysis
Agricultural Soil
Top Soil
Compost Media

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